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Transportation in Chakradharpur

Being a small town Chakradharpur need for robust and efficient transportation system may look like over ambitious. But if one considers its strategic location and economic importance then its need for robust transportation is more than justified. And while Chakradharpur still has a long, long way to go, but in certain critical areas like railway it has pretty solid infrastructure. In fact Chakradharpur Railway Station is one of the most important railway stations in South Eastern Railway Zone. Besides, local transportation that mainly consists of auto rickshaws are also in much better condition than ever before. Below is more detailed and exhaustive information about Chakradharpur’s transportation system in Jharkhand.

Railways in Chakradharpur


Chakradharpur Railway Station, located in the very heart of Chakradharpur town, is immensely important station for innumerable reasons. First and foremost Chakradharpur division is one of the four divisions in South Eastern Railway Zone. Chakradharpur division has total 86 stations and Chakradharpur railway station is obviously the headquarter of this division. Besides, Chakradharpur railway division is amongst highest freight revenue earners in Indian Railways. This is mainly thanks to huge mineral reserves located in Chakradharpur region, which is mainly exported via railway to all other parts of India.

Now about connectivity, Chakradharpur Railway Station is directly connected to many of the important metropolitan cities of India. This includes cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Nagpur, Bangalore, Bhopal, Patna, Pune, Raipur and many more important cities. Owing to its connectivity to so many important cities, Chakradharpur Station is unarguably one of the important lifelines for all long distance commuters residing in Chakradharpur town and its adjoining villages.

Air Connectivity to Chakradharpur

Chakradharpur doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport or Ranchi Airport located in capital city of Ranchi. The airport is located approximately 113 kms away from the heart of Chakradharpur town. It is an international airport, offering flights to limited foreign destinations like Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok. As for domestic connectivity is concerned, then it serves direct flights to important cities like Mumbai, Patna, Delhi and Kolkata. It also serves daily indirect flights to Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Chennai and Bhubaneswar. As for what is best way to reach Ranchi from Chakradharpur, then commuting via train is by far the best option. There are three daily trains from Chakradharpur to Ranchi station and train journey doesn’t last more than 4 hours. Commuters can halt at either Ranchi Junction or Hatia Station, which are two nearest stations to Ranchi airport. From these stations there are ample auto rickshaws available for airport.

18615/Howrah-Hatia Express: Departure time: 02:48 – runs on daily basis
58143/Tatanagar Jn-Hatia Passenger (UnReserved): Departure time: 06:01 – runs on daily basis
58661/Tatanagar Hatia Passenger (UnReserved): Departure time: 12:02 – runs on daily basis

In case if you’re planning to travel via road, then drive through National Highway no 75 that directly connects Chakradharpur to capital city of Ranchi. Through this highway you’ll reach Ranchi within 3 hours. This highway passes through the heart of Chakradharpur city.

Roadways in Chakradharpur

Only one National Highway passes through Chakradharpur. This is National Highway (NH) 75, which connects Gwalior city in Madhya Pradesh and Parsora town in Odisha state. Before entering Chakradharpur city, this National Highway passes many other important cities of Jharkhand state. These are Garhwa, Daltonganj, Latehar, Chandwa, Ranchi and Khunti cities. This National Highway passes through the very heart of Chakradharpur town. In fact Chakradharpur’s main market is located on both sides of this National Highway itself. As for its importance is concerned, then it directly connects Chakradharpur to capital city of Ranchi and other mineral rich areas of Jharkhand. This National Highway, in other words, is sort of economic lifeline for Chakradharpur town.

Local Transportation in Chakradharpur

Chakradharpur local transportation needs are also taken care by standard yellow and black auto rickshaws. Here auto rickshaws primarily run on sharing basis and not on meter basis. Town’s biggest auto rickshaw stand operates just outside Chakradharpur Railway Station. As for other local transportation like taxi or bus service is concerned, then as of today no such service is available in Chakradharpur. So it is suffice to say that auto rickshaws are pretty much like lifeline for Chakradharpur’s daily commuters.

From all the above information it can concluded that Chakradharpur Railway Station assumes immensely critical role in Chakradharpur transportation system. Not only does it connects Chakradharpur to rest of India, but also brings in humongous revenue through freight transportation. Besides, National Highway 75 is also equally important from economic point of view. As for which in area does Chakradharpur needs to make major improvement, then increasing number of auto rickshaws and improving quality of local roads is something that local authorities need to address very urgently.