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About Chakradharpur

Chakradharpur is a small but immensely important town of West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand state. Chakradharpur Railway station owing to its strategic location is referred to as ‘heart of South Eastern Railway Zone’. The town in fact also has a huge railway colony, which is actually one of its kind in entire India. But more than anything else it is Chakradharpur huge mineral reserves that take precedence over it’s all other advantageous factors. Its huge mineral reserves obviously make her one of the critically important towns of Jharkhand state. Below is more detailed and exhaustive information about this small but immensely important town.

Chakradharpur informations

History of Chakradharpur

People of Chakradharpur can take immense pride over the fact that their town has given innumerable freedom fighters to India’s independence movement. Some of the most prominent freedom fighters includes names like Raja Arjun Singh Deo, Jagabandhu Pattanayak (Jaggu Dewan), Pandit Gopabandhu Dash, Pundit Godabarish Mishra, Rahim Bux and Fakeer Chand. And above all even great Mahatma Gandhi paid visit to Chakradharpur to instill patriotic fervor among its people. Gandhiji in fact recounted his visit to Chakradharpur in his book ‘Third Class in Indian Railways’.
Chakradharpur, overall, can take immense pride over its small but significant role in India’s freedom movement.

Geography of Chakradharpur

Chakradharpur huge mineral reserves certainly make up the bulk of natural resources, but other natural resources like rivers, hills, mountains and forest reserves also make up part of its geographical landscape. In fact owing to lush green mountains and hills Chakradharpur was even treated as sort of hills station till mid 1990’s by locals of Jharkhand state. As far as location of the town is concerned, then it is located between 22.7°North and 85.63°East. It is located very close to the borders of Odisha and West Bengal States.

Economy of Chakradharpur

Chakradharpur economy more or less revolves around huge piles of minerals that has been bestowed in huge quantity by Mother Nature. Chakradharpur is located in the very heart of Chotanagpur plateau, which has highest and most mineral reserves in all of India. And thanks to this strategic location, today Chakradharpur and many of its adjoining towns are home to many steel and cement plants. In fact Chakradharpur Division, which is one of the 16 division blocks of West Singhbhum District, is home to some of the most prominent steel plants including famous Tata Steel Plant at Jamshedpur city. Besides, being home to many prominent banks, hospitals and hotels, Chakradharpur also has pretty robust service sector. Huge percentage of Chakradharpur’s population is employed.

Tourism in Chakradharpur

Chakradharpur is not exactly a tourist hub, but if you’re a religious person then innumerable temples spread across this small town will surely delight your soul and heart. Few of these temples are located near Chakradharpur Railway Colony, which happens to be one of the largest and well maintained Railway Colonies of our country. This railway colony boosts around 8,000 railway quarters and is pretty much a small world in itself – a world that in every sense is pretty worth visiting. Coming back to temples, then few worth visiting temples residing here are Kali Temple, Balaji Temple, Satya Sai Mandir and Radha-Krishna Temple and Bengal Club Kali Mandir. Besides, even outside railway colony there are quite a few worth visiting temples. All these temples are located in the very heart of Chakradharpur town. Amongst these the most prominent ones are Santoshi Temple in Tambaku Patti, Shitala Temple and The Shirdi Sai Temple near Toklo Road, Town Kali Temple, Rani Sati Mandir in Chandmari area, Samshan Kali Temple near Hindu Samshan Ghat and Jagganath Temple in Purani Basti.

And in case if you feel exhausted after visiting so many temples, then you can hang out at famous Burton Lake, which is again located very near to Railway Colony. Here you can enjoy boating or simply hang around near the serene lake. This lake in fact happens to be the most popular hangout places in Chakradharpur town. As far as shopping is concerned, then Chakradharpur’s main market is located on both sides of the National Highway 75. You’ll get everything here - hordes of retail stores, street markets selling vegetables, eateries & hotels, banks and atm’s. This area is pretty much heart and soul as far as shopping in Chakradharpur is concerned.

Hotels in Chakradharpur

Hotel A Square
Address: A Square Plaza, Kapda Patti, Chakradharpur Ho, Near Bara Bazar, Chakradharpur - 833102
Phone no: +(91)-6587-290666, +(91)-9334514295

Kanchan Lodge
Address: Bharat Bhawan Camp, Aslamchowk, Main Road, Chakradharpur Ho, Chakradharpur - 833102 Phone no: +(91)-9431763693

Neel Kamal Lodge
Address: Chakradharpur Ho, Chakradharpur – 833102
Phone no: +(91)-8686107141

Healthcare Services in Chakradharpur

The small town of Chakradharpur does have quite a few good numbers of hospitals as well as good network of doctors and clinics. Although this town still doesn’t have any reputed multi and super specialty hospitals, but their absence hasn’t had any adverse impact on region’s basic healthcare system. In other words, whatever healthcare system that are currently serving in the town are pretty successful in addressing at least the basic as well as critical healthcare needs. The critical healthcare services even includes complicated operations and surgeries, which are mainly conducted in all the below mentioned hospitals.

Anup Mandal Hospital
Address: 45/78, Chakradharpur Main Road, Near CMCE College, Chakradharpur- 833102
Phone no: (06587) 239175

Angela Hospital
Address: NH-2, Chandmari Road, Near Royal Park, Chakradharpur- 833102
Phone no: (06587) 238283

Minj Nursing Home
Address: Rita Bose Retired Colony, Near Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Chakradharpur - 833102
Phone no: +(91)-6587-238167

Transportation in Chakradharpur

At the heart of  transportation system in Chakradharpur lies Chakradharpur Railway Station, which is not just important station of Jharkhand state but is also immensely important station in South Eastern Railway Zone. Chakradharpur Railway Station directly connects Chakradharpur town to many of the important cities of India. This includes cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Patna, Chennai, Bangalore and many other important cities. Besides, this station is also obviously directed connected to all the important cities of Jharkhand state – Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Koderma etc. Chakradharpur station, over all, is important lifeline for commuters of Chakradharpur as well as of West Singhbhum District. As far as local transportation is concerned, then it is the usual auto rickshaw that takes care of most of the local transportation needs. In fact Chakradharpur’s auto rickshaws have to single handedly make up for the absence of robust bus and taxi services. In other words, Chakradharpur local transportation is completely dependent on auto rickshaws.

Chakradharpur at a glance

Population: 197,953 (2011 census)
Telephone code: 06587
Vehicle registration: JH06
Main language: Hindi and Santali
Pin code: 833102
District: West Singhbhum